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Education and teaching with technology always yield great results. With the desire to give users the best experience and support the most effective teaching, the following software are always the first choice of teachers. Let’s discover what they are by following the below content:

Edraw Mind Map

Using thought diagrams applied in lectures is highly effective to help teachers easily convey knowledge to students. Edraw Mind Map software is a free application that integrates many templates, which can adjust colors, frames, fonts, backgrounds to suit specific teaching content.

Moreover, Edraw Mind Map allows users to export to many different formats, support printing to the device when finished, helping teachers easily compile lectures quickly and scientifically.


Prezi software is a powerful tool for users to design impressive presentations. Unlike PowerPoint, Prezi has 2 versions online and offline for users to choose from. Therefore, teachers can operate on different web platforms and share their lessons easily.

Prezi has the following outstanding features:

Zoom Features:

The entire presentation is designed on a single page, and users can zoom in on detailed content in each cell or zoom out to see the presentation layout. Thus, with this feature, students can grasp lessons from general to detail clearly and scientifically.

With outstanding features, the software is a tool to help teachers compose lesson plans quickly and easily:

  • User-friendly design interface, easy to combine multiple layout content layout.
  • Supports many text editing tools such as textboxes, tables, graphs, charts and can insert many kinds of multimedia applications into lectures.
  • Ability to interact with learners by questions and answers.
  • Teachers can export to many file formats such as exe, web, …

Avina Authoring Tools

Editing software for lesson plans Avina Authoring Tools

This will be a great assistant for teachers when preparing lesson plans. By Avina Authoring Tools is developed with Vietnamese version, helping users to easily perform the operation. Along with that are a series of outstanding features integrated in the software such as:

  • Template templates, layouts, page effects, videos … integrated in the system help the lecture become lively and diverse.
  • Thinking questions, quizzes or mind maps are also integrated in the software to increase interaction between teachers and students.
  • Graphs and charts are also fully equipped, suitable for many different subjects.
  • There is a transition from Powerpoint to eLearning and vice versa.


The presentation on Prezi does not follow a single flow from start to finish but is flexible into the content you want to present or emphasize.

Geometer’s Sketchpad (GSP)

As technology is increasingly being used in schools, Geometer’s Sketchpad is software that makes math more enjoyable and accessible than ever. Software is a powerful tool for teachers to use to illustrate lessons easily, convey mathematical knowledge to help students easily learn.

In addition, GSP also possesses many outstanding features such as sound integration, animation effects, transformations, automatic function graphing, and simulation of iterations … which are very suitable when presenting the lecture in class. Because of that reason, this is the software that teachers all over the world trust to use, serving for the teaching work.

iA Writer

If you are a literature teacher or elementary school teacher who needs to compose a lot of documents, iA Writer is a very effective teaching aid. This software is integrated running on both Android and iOS operating systems to help teachers compose lesson plans on different devices. Also by cloud storage services on Dropbox or Google Driver.

The design of iA Writer is very simple and friendly, so users can hide unnecessary features to focus on their work. The software can help you export to files in formats such as Word, PDF, and HTML.


LectureMAKER software is being widely used in schools to help teachers build international standard electronic lesson plans that synchronize with the school’s database to help with online learning.

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